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Useful links

Links of interest to control line stunt model aircraft builders and fliers

This page is provided for reference only and does not imply that CLAPA endorses any of the goods or services
offered by entries in the commercial column. If you provide goods or services and would like to be added to the list please contact CLAPA.

The same also applies that if you have a control line aerobatics site or know of any other interesting ones.

This page has its own search facility – see search just blew this line. For example, typing in tools will list Tracey Tools.

Non CommercialCommercial
BMFA - the British Model Aircraft Association.Aviatronics
BMFA national model flying centre BuckminsterThe Balsa Cabin
BMFA East Anglian AreaYatsenko Brothers
Aero Modeller
AMABlackburn Models (Balsa Mart)
PAMPA - our American equivalent organisation
American Junior ClassicsBuilt Right Fly Right
APUCAClub Tamaran
Igor Burger - Max BeeKaz Minato
Flying Lines
StunthangarFox Engines
Barton Control Line ForumFree Flight Supplies
Stuka Stunt (Archive version)Hobby Pit
1960 Frog Cataloge- a touch of nostalgiaHobby Shack
Göran Olsson Just Engines
Magazines and Books
Igor BurgerMallard Metals
Ivy and Martin's Web PageHobby King
Mike NelsonModelflight
Northwest Control-Line Precision Aerobatics (Flying Lines site)Model Plans
Nottingham MACMy Hobby Store
Fessel Flug (Swiss site)Bucks Composites
Progress Aero Works (PAW)
Phil Brown (CL links site)Vintage Model Company (was Replikit)
SAM 35RSM Distribution
Tulsa Glue DobbersSIG Manufacturing
U Control 2000 (Italian site)Sullivan Products
UK Carrier
Wharfdale & District MACKeith Renecle
Website Impington Village College MAC
Vortex Mouldings
The Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWIIWinship Models