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We aim to have a handy reference page for the rules applicable to UK control line stunt fliers – but we may miss updates. Competitors are responsible for confirming that the rules they are flying to are up to date.

If you see any links that need amending, or are aware of rules that we should include, please let our webmaster know.


BMFA Members Handbook

BMFA control line 2021 rules for Speed, Aerobatics, Team racing, Combat and Carrier – new 2021 rules book


FAI Sporting Code, Section 4, General Rules 2021

FAI Sporting Code, Section 4, CIAM F2 Control Line  2021

ANNEX 4J – CLASS F2B Manoeuvre Diagrams 2021

In addition to the above rules note also F2B Judging recommendations. This document is not classed as a rule, it is only an F2B Judges Training Aid. The 55 page document composed by Peter Germann, Chairman of the F2B Working Group and updated for the current rule changes. You may or may not find this useful in your practice sessions, it is however worth reading at least once just to see what the judge[s] may be looking for!

SAM 35

Following harmonisation action, the SAM35 website rules page now links Vintage Stunt rules to the BMFA.

South Birmingham MFC

Absent Friends Stunt Trophy
For small model designs from before 1961 – flown to BMFA Vintage Stunt Schedule