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Clubman Aerobatics Rules

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  1. The Clubman Schedule is essentially a reduced F2b Schedule, with the most challenging manoeuvres such as , the horizontal
    square 8, outside square loops and four- leaf clover etc. omitted. The same scoring and judging criteria apply, including the weighting of difficulty of each manoeuvre – the K Factor.


2. The Clubman Schedule is :
2.1.1 – Take-off – Model with undercarriage max. score up to 10 points, K factor 2.
2.1.2 – Take-off – Model without undercarriage (hand launch), max. score up to 5 points, K factor 2.

(All the following manoeuvres score up to 10 points (please note – the model must fly past the judge twice between each manoeuvre).

2.2 – Reverse wingover, K factor 8
2.3 – Three inside loops, K factor 6
2.4 – Inverted flight (two laps), K factor 2
2.5 – Three outside loops, K factor 6
2.6 – Two inside square loops, K factor 12
2.7 – Two horizontal eights, K factor 7
2.8 – Two vertical eights, K factor 10
2.9 – Two overhead eights, K factor 10
2.10.1 – Landing – Model with undercarriage max. score 10, K factor 5
2.10.2 – Landing – Model without undercarriage max. score 5, K factor 5

3. You as the pilot choose exactly which manoeuvres you wish to include in your schedule, but you must choose a minimum of 3 from the list.

4. A maximum of 6 minutes is allowed to complete the flight from start to finish (plenty enough time to easily complete the full schedule of manoeuvres. All manoeuvres flown are as defined in F2b aerobatics (manoeuvre diagrams, rules and explanations for all classes can be found here:

Version 1.0
Date Published 21/04/2023