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CLAPA – the control line aerobatic pilots association

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Freebirfd control line stunt model aircraft
Tony Eifflaender’s Freebird

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Please send us your pictures of our meetings and we’ll link them with the Results table.. Example: See the Ray Malmstrom table – and the pictures link beneath it. Use the Contact page to set up the picture transfer with the Webmaster.


  • CLAPA promotes and supports control line aerobatic model aircraft.
  • Caters for the international F2B class  and the more traditional Classic and Vintage models.
  • Draws its members from those modellers having a real interest in the promotion of aerobatics as a continuing sport.
  • Co-ordinates with clubs in producing a clash free contest calendar.
  • Produces a bi-monthly newsletter containing contest reports, articles, members letters and information.
  • Organises an annual CLAPA Championships competition.
  • Runs training programmes for judges and competitors.
  • Is run by a democratically elected committee.

Why not join us?