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Words and pictures for the competition

2nd BMFA Centralised

A new venue for a BMFA competition was organised by Kevin Morgan at the Sutton Bonnington sports campus of Nottingham University. It is a grass football field but has a line of trees adjacent to the single circle. As the day started with almost flat calm conditions this was not a problem. However, as the day progressed a strengthening breeze over the trees caused quite severe turbulence, that caused difficult flying problems. Most of the usual entrants at these events were present and flew up to their usual standards. After a long period of flying only electric, Roy Cherry opted to fly one of his piped ic models this time. Unfortunately, the engine was cutting out unexpectedly without obvious cause and he could not continue.

Because of the deteriorating conditions the result was really determined by the first two rounds as only Barry Robinson managed to improve on one of his scores. So there it is, a pleasant new site to fly at providing that it is relatively calm.

Judges were Brian Wetherhogg and Peter Catlow.

Glen Alison.

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